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Jo Malone and the Fragrant Path to Success

jo maloneOne of the world’s most renowned fragrance brands includes that of Jo Malone. Why not? With its sophistication, elegance and unique scents, it has captured a lot of attention from the masses and most especially from the entertainment industry. It has been worn by famous celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Jessica Alba and Olivia Newton John. Red roses, amber and lavender, orange blossom, wild fig and cassis, pomegranate noir and French lime blossom are only a few of its best selling perfumes across the said showbiz industry. So how did this brand rise up to a staggering height of success? Here is a little story.

Jo Malone, the infamous UK based fragrance designer, was born to a painter dad and to a facialist mom. Her mother worked at a small skincare line from where she developed the same craft. Her business skills were to be credited from her father who often took her along as he sold his paintings in the local weekend market fair. By the age of twenty she followed in her mother’s footsteps and offered facial treatments, massages and aromatic topical ointments. Word about her excellent craft grew like wild fire and clients were coming to her for appointments. One day, she decided to send out tokens of appreciation to her beloved clients through a nutmeg and ginger bath oil. One of these clients decided to order a hundred bottles for his party guests and from those guests, a considerable eighty six individuals placed their own orders. From there, the brand was born and she began making perfumes. She opened her very first store in 1994 at 154 Walton Street in London where she was greeted by a long line of customers on the first day. Her line featured mandarin, vetiver, lime other various scents that can be layered over one another. What made these more famous is the fact that clients may be able to customize the scents using their favourite notes.

jo malone 2On October 25 of the year 1999 Leonard A. Lauder, the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Estee Lauder Company Incorporated announced its acquisition of the Jo Malone brand. This has been one of the fragrances’ highlights as they became available to more areas and to other parts of the world. Jo became the company’s creative director and chairwoman.

As of the present the Jo Malone brand has not only offered fragrances, perfumes and colognes but also a whole line of skincare products like moisturizers and cleansers.