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Why the World Fell In Love with Coffee Companies: Benefits of Coffee in Your Diet

A lot of cafes, coffee companies and shops seem to pop out everywhere like mushrooms. You can practically see at least one if not more in every establishment and mall. Some of them are even located in strategic places that emanate a unique aura to add up to the customer’s experience as ambience also plays a huge part in the food industry. This is very much evident in almost all places and cities all over the globe. People simply cannot resist the urge to get their early morning cup of delicious drink. Actor Hugh Jackman himself said that for him “the smell of fresh-made coffee is one of the greatest inventions.”  But apart from being a feast of flavors, there too are numerous noted of benefits of coffee in one’s diet:

SUNNY AND BRIGHT: The caffeine in your coffee can ward off and squash depression all thanks to nor-adrenalin, dopamine and serotonin which are neurotransmitters found in our brains. So when you are feeling blue and lonely a cup of warm drink or maybe a tall frappe will help put a smile on your gloomy face.

HEALTHY GLOWING SKIN: Apart from the fact that it could be used as a good scrub when combined with honey, it has been proven that drinking at least a cup a day helps prevent skin cancer. So leave some off to drink later after your scrub. Okay?

BRAIN FOOD: Yes, coffee can make you smarter. It has been shown to give you a much needed boost to give you an increase in critical thinking, analysis, reasoning and perception. So when you feel like you didn’t get to charge enough brain power the night before, gulp down a cup! In fact it has been proven to ward off Alzheimer’s and dementia.

A HEART OF LOVE: Time and again we’ve heard many people say that heart ailments are a traitor. They often attack in the most unlikely circumstances and bring critical damage. Who would want that? No one of course! Luckily, experts have published in a study that coffee drinkers have lower risks of heart ailments and stroke.

coffeeBYE-BYE DIABETES: Combined with regular exercise and balanced nutrition, it has also been seen to reduce the likelihood of type 2 diabetes, all thanks to coffee’s antioxidant compounds which help increase insulin sensitivity in cells.

THE ELIXIR OF ENERGY: “Drink coffee.” We get that a lot especially when you look so dopey eyed and languid. One of the many popular benefits of coffee is that it increases the fatty acids in your bloodstream making way for better physical stamina and endurance.

So you see there is no wonder why a lot of coffee companies, shops and cafes have come aboard.