How to Ace Any Baking Recipe

bakeware_230sqCakes, cookies, muffins, bread and cupcakes. Everyone loves baked goodies. We have them for snacks alongside coffee, tea or a cup of hot chocolate. For most cases, we have cakes and cupcakes during special occasions, birthdays being the most famous of them. Baking them is just as fun as eating them. Many people consider this a hobby. Others have made it into a business while some do it for fun. Especially for first time bakers and even for some experienced ones, you may commit a few common mistakes when it comes to baking. Don’t worry. Nobody’s perfect. Those mistakes will actually teach you to do better on your next recipe. To help you learn more about what you should and should not do in the kitchen, read up and gather some helpful knowledge.

Do not use cold eggs. Make sure that they are at room temperature. Cold ones have a tendency to firm up the butter causing a curled and bumpy batter. Room temperature eggs because of their lesser viscosity can mix well and rise more easily. It also emulsifies better and leaves you with a fluffier and cleaner finish.

Use the right measuring tools. Flours for example should be spooned unto the cup with the excess scraped off using a knife or spatula. Scooping directly from the bag or container will cause it to become compact giving you more than what you need. If by any chance an exact measuring cup or spoon isn’t anywhere to be found, you may opt to make do with conversions. For example, if you need a tablespoon of vanilla, you may use three teaspoons instead. If a cup of milk is asked, you may use sixteen tablespoons. Just see to it that you are using the right conversion or equivalent measures.

Baking-ingredients-12.6KDo not overcrowd the oven. As much as possible do not put a pan beneath another especially if you’re dealing with cakes and a small oven. Also position it at the centre to allow for better circulation and even cooking.

Rotate the baking pans as you go. Even with a good oven, sometimes one part cooks faster than the other causing it to be a little overbaked. To do away with this, rotate the pan just when it’s set or once the time has covered up two thirds of the entire duration. Never do this too soon or the entire thing will collapse and have a sunken part at the middle.

We hope those tips helped. Now you’re one step ready to try those awesome recipes!

Dine and Travel Back in Time with the Beach Blanket Babylon


Gone are the days when people only came to restaurants for good food. Although such still remains as the number one factor when choosing where to dine, individuals are also concerned about the experience, ambiance and service. All in all, those factors when combined with the right mix will be able to create a quality restaurant which offers good food and memorable experience to its customers. This was what the Beach Blanket Babylon restaurant and bar has done in London.

beach blanket babylonOften referred to with its acronym BBB, the Beach Blanket Babylon was established in 1990 in Notting Hill. It occupies an old Georgian English Mansion in the heart of the Royal borough as it combined Boho chic, French country style chateau and baroque rococo to enrapture a magical look in its interiors. Once inside, you will immediately feel like a character in one of those eighteenth century tales with kings, queens, princes, princesses and chivalrous knights. The dining areas are divided into different intimate spaces or chambers that closely resemble that of the rooms of an old castle. These include the Crypt, the Chapel, the Drawing Room, the Gallery, the Scullery and of course the Ballroom. The grand time travelling ambience makes it a suitable place for masked balls, cocktail parties, engagement soirees, romantic dinners and simple get togethers.

They serve modern European cuisine such as Chicory Salad and Sautéed Wild Mushrooms for starters. Papardelle Pasta, Salmon Fillet and T-bone steak are some of the dishes for the main course. Wholegrain Mustards Mash and Char Grilled Corn on the Cob are available as side dishes while Chocolate Mousse, Sticky Toffee Pudding and Vanilla Pod Cheesecake are offered for dessert. These among many other sumptuous dishes are served by BBB’s fine chefs. Their bar also caters Connoisseur cocktails, champagnes and the best wines. They are even available and would gladly cater big events like parties and private functions.

Throughout the years it has garnered positive feedback from patrons with one stating that “The place has a great atmosphere. Dining in a cave or dungeon surrounding with good quality food and nice music!” while another said that “BBB is very good for cocktails and the steak is amazing. As you enter you are directed downstairs and it feels like you are inside an old castle. It suits all kinds, from romantic dinners to parties.”

With its huge success over the years, BBB has decided to expand and open a sister restaurant in Shoreditch East of London last 2007. At present, the Beach Blanket Babylon has its sights in bringing the magic overseas and to the other parts of the world.

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