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Tips on Buying High Heels

For many women around the globe, having at least one pair of high heels is a must. You’ll never know when you’d need one. It could be your best friend’s wedding, a job interview, for a business meeting, a date or a day when you just feel like dressing up. You could say that it is a staple item in every woman’s closet. So whether you’re a first timer or someone who’s already got boxes of these in her cabinet, here are important and effective tips to help you buy the perfect high heels. Read on and take down notes. It will come in handy the next time you go shoe shopping.

boots ball of foot cushionMeasure those tootsies. You can either do this at home or inside the boutique or mall where you plan to buy them. Most often than not, one foot is actually a little bigger than the other. This is the reason why you might feel that some footwear fit perfectly on one foot but is a little bit tight or loose on the other. Also remember that you will not have a permanent shoe size. This is because different brands usually have different measurements. Although the differences aren’t extremely apart, still they are not completely alike. You can be a size eight and a half in one but a nine in the other.

Buy them when the sun is at its strongest. Believe it or not, your feet will expand and contract depending on the temperature. Because of this, what might appear to be a little loose at first may fit just exactly at the end of the day. Worse, they may even be tight.

Add in space. Of course, you should not buy anything that is too big for you neither should you be getting anything that will feel tight. However, when it comes to high heels it is recommended that you add in some allowances. This is due to the fact that your feet will gradually be pushed or will slide downward into the front part of the shoe. This will cause pain and in time bunions, corns and calluses. To avoid these, go for a half size larger pair for heels that are two to three inches high. For those that are four to six inches, go with a full size larger. Anything higher than that should require a full size to a one and a half allowance. These will also be useful as you insert protection pads and gels to protect your feet.

Decide if you want open toed or a closed one. Other people find it uncomfortable to wear closed shoes as they would feel pinching along their toes. This would usually depend on your preference. To better check, walk around the store wearing both shoes. After a few minutes of walking around, you’ll have an idea if your feet like them or not.

Have fun with your shoes ladies. Remember, the shoe should fit comfortably! Happy shopping!


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