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A 101 Tutorial on Caring for Your Steiff Bears

Aren’t Steiff bears so adorable? How we just love to hug them all day, if that were possible and lounge around the bedroom with nothing to do. Even as adults, having these cute furred stuffed animals is such a joy to behold. Some of us even had them as kids and kept them for the fun, the memories and the nostalgia they bring. In other cases, we give them to our kids, friends, brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces and practically to everyone else kids and adults alike. They are that adorable! But one thing that we hate is seeing them go away because they are either too damaged or too dirty beyond repair. That is just sad. So how does one take care of their Steiff bears to make sure that they last for years? Here are our caring tips and how-to to guide you.

Steiff bears1. Say for example that the toy has been stored for quite a long time and you want to make sure that it is bug free. The perfect solution is to place it inside a plastic bag and put it inside the freezer for forty two hours. After which, you can then proceed to washing it.

2. If it isn’t that grossly dirty and would only need a little wipe her and there, get a soft white damp cloth. Rub the fur and you will see all the dirt coming off. Never use a colored cloth as you run the risks of staining your bears. Air dry it r use your hand held dryer and keep the temperature cool.

3. For plush material bears, you can wash them with mild laundry detergent in the washing machine and on to the dryer. To protect it better, place them inside a pillow case or a mesh bag before placing them in your washing machine and dryer and remember to turn off any heat

4. Once dry, you must brush all the hair out with a dog or wide toothed brush.

5. Let’s say washing is not for you and you do not want to go into all that trouble, well then a good old vacuum cleaner will do the trick.

6. If you must store them, never place them in plastic and keep them away from direct sunlight. These two are sure to make your little guy’s fur to rot.

7. For more extreme cases of cleaning and repair (and for vintage ones), it is advisable to bring your Steiff Bears to an expert. Yes, there are hospitals for your toys too! No kidding.